Forever Dandy.

Southern liberal. Garnet heart. 26 and counting.

I’ve spent a lifetime in need of reassurance. I’ve always needed to hear that I’m doing enough, that I’m working hard enough, that I’m loved. I don’t know that I’ve ever known that I mattered to anyone without being told endlessly, and even then I’d find a reason to doubt. Then I met her. I met a girl who was trying to build a life but couldn’t figure out what pieces went where. I knew she didn’t need me, but she wanted me and I wanted to help. So we built a foundation together and I suddenly noticed that even at my worst, I didn’t need her to reassure me of her love. I love it when she offers it, but I always know that she loves me entirely and without end exactly as I am. For the first time in my life I know I’m enough and I’m loved. I’m the keeper of her heart and she holds mine. I know she could destroy my world if she wanted, but I also know that she won’t. This woman loves me for the man I am and will until my life and memory have faded.